Re-cap of our launch night @ 57 Degrees Wine Bar

19 Apr

Without further a due we finally launched our food truck at what is currently the largest mobile food truck gathering in San Diego @ Fifty Seven Degrees Wine Bar in Mission Hills. We had everything ready to go for all you street foodies coming out to the event and were the second truck to set-up. Our friend and renown San Diego artist, Anthia Linou, made an appearance to create some of her amazing street art on the back of our truck. This is a part of the ambiance of TGS Bistrotruck in bringing a bohemian street art experience to everyday locations.

As the night begin we pumped out our first rush without any hiccups but then unexpectedly our fryer was not keeping up. It was taking up to 15 minutes to get one order of fries out which in our opinion was unacceptable given the demand for our truffle fries. Therefore we decided to take them off our menu for the night. We are now getting the fryer worked on and will hopefully have it ready before our next outing. Aside from our one set back everything else went great. Everyone raved about our food and had several return foodies come back for seconds and even thirds. BIG SMILE on Chef Luis’ face!!!! This is why we do this. Our passion is food and cooking and there is no greater instant gratification as a team than to see the satisfaction on our patrons faces and voiced in there thank you’s and the occasional “OMG that was the best …. I’ve ever tried.” Love it!!!


One Response to “Re-cap of our launch night @ 57 Degrees Wine Bar”

  1. this food truck rocks September 17, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    I was pretty disappointed when I saw how many food trucks were at 57 degrees Food Truck Rally tonight. There wasn’t much to choose from. I remember the first truck event had a lot of trucks. Tonight off the bat, nothing stood out to me so I tried a little here and there. But then tried your truck, and it was a WINNER. I would say your truck can stand toe to toe with the other well known trucks in San Diego. Most of the stuff I had this night were pretty dry but your slidertinis were delicious. I’m not a food critic, but as a person who just likes food, my comment would be “Yea, I would totally get it again!” I was kind of put off by the wait, but now that I know it’s because of truck problems and it was your launch night, I understand. Though I did not understand the uncooked cheddar on top of the slider, I would have preferred it if you melted it in with the burger. But either way, I hope you guys get your truck fixed because I would like to see you guys more often! I’m definitely going to let people know about you guys. Good Luck!

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